Redevelopment PMC – Redevelopment Project Management Consultants

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Redevelopment PMC – Redevelopment Project Management Consultants

v     An appointment letter to Architect and Redevelopment Project Management consultant (PMC)

An appointment letter should be given to the project management consultant within 15 days from the date of Special General Meeting. The management committee will then enter into contract and agree on Terms and conditions and scope of worked as approved by the special general meeting with the Redevelopment Project Management Consultants (PMC)

v     The initial work to be undertaken by Redevelopment Project management consultant/Architect

(a)    Survey of the land and building of the society.

(b)   Get information on conveyance of the Land & Building in favour of the society.

(c)    Generate information about availability of FSI/TDR based on the prevailing Rules and Regulations of Government and as per type of ownership of Land, Rules and regulations of MHADA/SRA/BMC if the Land is under these categories.

(d)   To prepare a realistic feasibility report, after considering suggestions, recommendations, objections and directions of members of the society made by them in special General Meeting, giving details of availability of areas available for residences commercial, open space, garden, parking and specification of construction of Building.

(e)    The Project Management consultant (PMC) /Architect to submit within two months from date of their appointment, the Report to the committee of the society.

v     Work after obtaining Feasibility Report of Redevelopment of Building.

(a)    In receipt of the feasibility report, the Secretary of the Society shall convene a Special General Meeting, of the members to consider the Feasibility Report of Architect/Project Management Consultant. Notice in respect of the afore said meeting indicating the date, time and place, shall be displayed on the Notice Board of the society. It may be circulated to all the members. The said notice shall also intimate to the members that the copy of the said report is available at the office and the said report shall be kept for inspection in the office for 8 days before the date of the special General Meeting. The notice intimating availability of report shall also invite suggestions on the report within eight days of the date of notice. The acknowledgement of notice by members shall be kept in the office of the society.

(b)   The Secretary of the society shall send seven days before the date of joint Special General Meeting, suggestions received from members to the Redevelopment Project Management consultant (PMC) for their consideration.

(c)    At the abovementioned joint Special General Meeting of members, architect and project consultant, there shall be an over all consideration of suggestions and recommendations of members. The opinion of the architect shall also be considered. Any required changes shall be made and approved. The Special General Meeting shall approve the Feasibility Report by the majority. The Special General Meeting shall fix the date, time and place of the meeting for considering and finalizing the tentative draft of tender and notice of tender. The Special General Meeting will direct competitive tenders to the Architect and Project Consultant in which emphasis shall be placed on carpet area, corpus fund and other technicalities. Tender shall be invited from well-known experts and experienced developers. Members may give names of developers at the meeting. The Secretary will obtain a detailed report from the architect and Project Consultant on the tenders.

v     To display List of tenders

(a)    The Secretary shall display on the notice board the list of tenders received on the last day of date of receipt of Tenders.

(b)   15 days after the last day of receiving tenders, the secretary of the society shall be allowed to remain present at the meeting where members of the society who so desire may remain present the meeting as observers. Received tenders shall be opened at the meeting in the presence of Architect/Redevelopment project management Consultants and/all within mentioned persons present at meeting. The Architect / Redevelopment PMC ( Project Management Consultant) shall scrutinize all the received tenders and prepare a comparative table, which shall provide details of bidders who have bid in the tenders, their quality, reputation, experience competitive rates with other terms and conditions offered by them. Out of these bidders, if they are more than, at least 5 or less than 5 if they are less the 5 bidders, the bidders shall be short listed from all the bidders who have made bid in the tenders. They shall be presented the Special General Meeting for approval at next Special general Meeting the short listed bidders shall be invited to this meeting.