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Documents required for Redevelopment of society

Documents required for Redevelopment of society

Legal Documents required for redevelopment of society :

1)      Conveyance :
Society needs to obtain conveyance in the name of the society , if builder/land owner not willing to provide conveyance , follow the deemed conveyance route

2)      Property Card (PR Card):
Property card should reflect the ownership in society name , if it doesn’t reflect even after obtaining conveyance please visit your city survey office of your ward and get it corrected

3)      Obtain Fresh Property Card (PR Card):
Get the latest PR card duly certified from your city survey officer with plot area in figures and words.
Note                              : PR Card is valid only for a year
Property Card Offices : http://redevelopmentconsultants.com/property-card-office-mumbai/

4)      City Survey Plan :
Obtain the latest City Survey Plan of the property from your City Survey Office

5)      Renewal of Lease :
In case your lease if over or to get over soon when the plot is lease hold , get the lease renewed

Technical Documents required for redevelopment of society :

1)      OLD BMC plan of existing building :
Check your society records if you have an the old BMC of your existing structure which your developer would have submitted at the time of construction

This will help you ascertain the carpet area of your existing members
If your society doesn’t have the document’s visit your BMC office ask them to search through the records

2)      Physical Survey of plot and flats :
If there is dispute in terms of carpet area and plot size , please get the plot surveyed and flat measured through a licenced surveyor

3)      DP Remarks :
Obtain the fresh DP remarks of your plot from your local BMC

4)      Structural Audit :
Obtain a fresh structural report of your existing structure to ascertain the durability and longevity and carry out the required repairs and restorations as suggested by your structural consultants

Note : DO IT TODAY and NOW , don’t risk the life of yours and society member’s


We are Mumbai leading Redevelopment PMC ( Redevelopment Project Management Consultants )

Redevelopment PMC Conference in Mumbai by DNA

Redevelopment PMC Conference in Mumbai by DNA


DNA had conducted a conference on Redevelopment in Mumbai at Bombay Exhibition Centre at Goregaon East on 16th and 17th Feb 2013

Various professionals from lawyers, developers, society members, lawyers, redevelopment project management consultants, in the area of redevelopment had attended this conference in large numbers

Various issues and topic where covered in the areas of redevelopment

–          Deemed conveyance

–          Role of Redevelopment PMC

–          Legal issues

–          New norms and implications

–          How to choose a developer


Mumbai’s leading Redevelopment PMC ( Redevelopment Project Management Consultants)

Redevelopment of housing societies in Mumbai

 Redevelopment of housing societies in Mumbai!

Known to be one of the expensive location for property and property rates are appreciating day by day and availability of open plot is scarcity builders today are looking at redevelopment of housing societies and unlock potential of unused FSI.

Old Societies in Mumbai where the FSI consumes is 1, are today looking at builders who can redevelop their society and in bargain the flat owner gets extra space and new building with all modern amenities

Many at times during redevelopment of housing societies / society are caught unaware when they don’t follow the process of redevelopment in Mumbai as laid down by the government of Maharashtra section 79 (a) of Maharashtra co-operatives act 1960

As per the government of Maharashtra sec 79 a clearly states that the society needs to appoint a Redevelopment PMC who will prepare a detail feasibility report

The feasibility report will give the viability of the project, financial benefit if any and how much extra carpet they can expect from the builder; this will help the society and builder to reach at an amicable settlement which would help the flat owners and builders both benefit

A redevelopment pmc would also guide the society in every step during the redevelopment procedure to check if the builder is following the right procedure as laid by the bmc and the government of Maharashtra

Redevelopment in Mumbai is a complex activity and society should take the help of a Redevelopment PMC and take consulting on timely basis

The society should also appoint a lawyer who will guide them on the legal procedure for redevelopment of housing societies

Redevelopment Feasibility Report – Study

Feasibility Report on Redevelopment of Society


Redevelopment PMC

Architects, Consulting Structural Engineers, Redevelopment Project Management Consultants, Repairs and Rehabilitation Consultants and Registered Valuers.

Date: ———–

The Hon. Secretary/Chairman,
Model Co.-Op. Housing Society Ltd.

SUB:-     Our Report on Redevelopment of your Society Building by Utilising the plot Potential and Additional Area in lieu of TDR.

Dear Sir,

We on the onset express our sincere THANKS to all the committee members of your society building. For giving us an opportunity for providing Project Management Consultancy Services for your Society Redevelopment Works.

We have studied the various documents given to us by the committee members and have worked out the feasibility of the said redevelopment project under reference.

We are enclosing herewith our Feasibility Report for the proposed redevelopment of your society Buildings.

Kindly go through the same please feel free to call us for any clarification required from your end.

Thanking you

Yours faithfully

(A. B. C.)

Click Here to down load a sample report –>  Redevelopment Feasibility Report


Contact us on : +91 98335 45366     Email : redevelopmentpmc@gmail.com , contact@redevelopmentpmc.com


1) Documents Required by the society :
Conveyance deed
Society Registration Certificate
General Body Resolution to go for redevelopment.
List of member with their respective carpet areas
C.T.S. plan & property card for the plot.
D.P. remarks, If the property is under TPS scheme then T.P. remarks
Copy of municipal approval plans

2) Importance of Project Management Consultant in
A consultant is basically a team of Architects, Civil Engineers and Legal Advisors.

An Architect is required to prepare financial feasibility of project, Technical Analysis of offers of developers, verifications of building plans prepared by the developers, preparation of schedule of municipal process with developer.

A civil Engineer is required to cross check R.C.C. drawings of the proposed building and check onsite quality of the construction.

Legal Advisor is required to prepare development agreement and individual MOFA agreements of society members of developers and check other legal aspects of the proposal.

3) We are  in the field of Re-development
We are well equipped with team of experienced architects, civil engineers and legal Advisors.

After working for so many years in the field of building Constructions, Reconstructions, designs and municipal approvals, we are well acquainted with development rules and regulations of M.C.G.M. and hence very well know how the maximum plot potential and benefits a developer can avail from any plot. Using that knowledge we guide society through entire process of redevelopment so that the members can get the maximum benefits from the builder and at any stage of redevelopment members do not get cheated by the developer. Our team of structural Engineers keeps check on the construction work and ensures the better quality of construction from the developer.

4) How can WE help society in Process of Redevelopment
Carring out structural Audit
To ensure redevelopment Passing general body resolution for redevelopment should be passed in AGM to go for redevelopment.
At least 15% members consent is required to start the process of redevelopment at the time of final decision 75% members consent is required
Preparation of financial feasibility report.
A feasibility report shall be prepared by studying existing building plans, consumed FSI, carpet area of existing members & available TDR/ additional FSI benefits. A report will be submitted by the society stating in the maximum benefits the members can demand from the developers.
Preparation of tender to invite offers from developers.
Preparation of Tender document, “Tender” is a crucial document, which is to be designed meticulously to avoid any kind of misunderstanding/argument during the course of project.

It shall contain an agreement, various information’s to bidder, technical specifications, general conditions, and detailed specifications which makes it easier to evaluate the offers received since they are given on the same base
Preparation of comparative chart of developers.
A chart showing the comparative analysis of all the offers shall be prepared to Get the idea of the best offer received. Ranking shall be given to developers.
Finalization of developer on the basis of report given by the consultant.
On the basis of ranking , the projects carried out by the developers shall be Inspected , their market reputation shall be checked and accordingly the best developer shall be recommended to the society.
Preparation of development agreement
While preparation of development agreement between society and developer inputs shall be given in terms of technical clauses which would Safe guard the interest of the society and safety of the project .
Finalization of building plans
The plans of proposed building prepared by the developers shall be verified in respect of planning , carpet area , area calculations, legalization and authorization of the area allotted to the members.
Vacating the building after the builder obtains the necessary permission.
The care is taken that the necessary permissions are obtained and legal formalities are fulfilled to secure the project by the developer before he ask the members to vacant the premises. So that the project doesn’t stuck up after demolition of the building.
Demolition and reconstruction of building.
After demolition and during construction of building the regular inspection is carried out to check the quality and speed of the construction.
Possession and occupation of building.
During construction of building co- ordination with the developer shall be done to see that all the formalities for the occupation of the building are fulfilled and members get possession with the occupation certificate

Appointment Letter Redevelopment Project Management Consultants PMC

Download here : – Appointment letter of project management consultant

Please note its a sample letter please call us on +91 98335 45366 or contact@redevelopmentpmc.com/redevelopmentpmc@gmail.com

Draft of Final Appointment Letter of Redevelopment Project Management Consultants (Redevelopment PMC)

Date :
Ref. No. ——————
M/S. ABC Associates,
Kind Attention :- Shri A. B. C.
Ref :- 1. In continuation of Our Letter dated __________ duly accepted by you in joint meeting held on _____________.
2. Society’s Letter dated ___________ for fee Structure.
3. Your letter dated ___________ in response to the Society’s Letter dated ___________.
4. Discussion held on ____________.
5. Your Revised Offer Letter dated _____________.
6. Your Revised offer on _______________.
Dear Sir,
With reference to the above and in continuation of our brief appointment letter dated 15th November 200- (Duly accepted by you on ___________ during meeting), we have to state that the Managing Committee is pleased to appoint you as our Architect/Project Management Consultant subject to the following terms and conditions :-
(A) YOUR SCOPE OF WORKS AS A Redevelopment Project Management Consultants (Redevelopment PMC) WILL BE AS UNDER :-
(I) Pre-Tendering Stage (Phase I) :-
1. Preparing feasibility report with respect to present government policy about utilization of T.D.R.
2. Recommending the list of amenities, extra area corpus fund etc and preparing rough designs of the building as per utilization of TDR and preparing a detail report to the society before inviting Tender from builder/developer.
3. Preparing draft tender documents and discussing the same with the committee and finally obtaining a go ahead from the committee for floating the same.
4. Inviting the tenders (Technical and Commercial) from various approved builders/developers, doing the technical evaluation, preparing comparison statement and submitting the same to committee members.
5. Conducting joint meeting with the short listed Builders / Developer along with the committee members and finalizing the most suitable developer.
(II) Before Construction Stage (Phase II) : –
1. Drafting Letter of Intent based on terms negotiated with the selected Developer.
2. Ascertaining measurement of each flat and finalizing the carpet area of each member.
3. Listing down the requirement of each member and coordinating with the design architect for the final drawing.
4. Ascertaining of detail plane table survey in order to work out the area of entire plot precisely and accurately.
5. Approving the plans prepared by the developer keeping in mind the interest of the society only.
6. Assisting the society in selecting upon Solicitors/Legal Consultants and Tax Consultants.
7. Preparing Bar charts/CPM-PERT Networks so as to ensure timely completion.
8. Ascertaining preparation of all detailed Electrical and Plumbing layouts by Architect of Builder/Developer.
9. Ascertaining Preparation of all working drawings and Structural drawings by Architect of Builder/Developer.
10. Ascertaining conducting of various Soil Investigation so as to decide and select the required material or construction techniques at the time actual work of foundation.
11. Ascertaining Submission layout proposed and its approval.
12. Ascertaining Layout approval.
13. Ascertaining Submission Building files.
14. Ascertaining Obtaining of I.O.D./ C.C. etc.
(III) Construction Stage (Phase II) :-
1. Overall co-ordination with the society on technical and financial matter and co-ordination with Builders/Developers as may be required and between various engineering disciplines.
2. Maintaining complete co-ordination on entire project.
3. Preparation and issue of a project co-ordination procedure documents.
4. Programming the overall projects and following progress of all aspect of the work. Updating Bar charts and expediting and preparation and issue of monthly Project Reports to the Society indicating the status and progress of work.
5. Preparation and issue of change notices, indicating any change in project which will affect costs, planning etc.
6. To have overall co-ordination with the Society, Design Architects, Developers with respect to the Municipal Drawings so as to ensure smooth progress of the Municipal follow up.
7. Monitoring Work Progress as per the Agreed Construction Schedule.
The Above is further explained in detail as under:-
(A) MATERIAL MANAGEMENT – Strict supervision of work in interest of society and in accordance with Tender/Quotations received and approved between Society and Builder/Developer
This will include the following : –
1. Ensuring quality control and adherence to specification.
2. Carrying out periodical test of the various construction materials received prior and /or during its use.
3. Conducting laboratory test of material used as well of the final product and certifying the work carried out by the Builder / developers.
4. Ascertaining upon the quantum of various materials required for different constructional activities, checking their order placements and their timely procurement along with quality.
5. Ascertaining of timely receiving and storing of the materials in their safe places as per the job layout.
6. Maintaining up to date stock register.
7. Checking the materials received on site for quantity and quality as per tender specification.
This includes —
1. Full Time Supervision by Your Engineers
2. Periodical site visit in connection with works by yourself (at least once in a week) or your project Engineers at least 3 times a week and Providing Corrective Supervision.
3. Giving instruction regarding method of carrying out the construction from the workmanship and materials consideration. Issue written orders for rectification of defective works (if any).
This includes —
1. Preparation of bar chart PERT/CPM Networks and strictly implementing the same. Updating the activities in case of delay to meet the target completion time.
2. Periodical meeting with the concerned contractors so as to have a first hand report about their practical difficulties if any and suggestion them an alternatives procedure to solve the same in the best interests of the society.
3. To ensure that builder/developer incorporates a penalty clause in the works with each sub-contractor.
AS: —
1. Builders/Developers/Solicitors/Contractors
2. Piling contractors and geo technical consultants.
3. R.C.C. Consultants/Electrical Consultant/Plumbing Consultant
4. Lift Agency/Swimming pool specialists/Landscaping consultants. And any other agencies related to the said project.
1. To ascertain obtaining of various Completion certificates as stated by BMC.
2. To ascertain obtaining of various Completion certificates, permanent water connection and finally BCC.
3. Preparation of ‘as built’ drawings.
4. Preparing completion report as the end of the project.
In Nutshell,
As Project Management Consultant you have to carry out following : –
1. You have to verify and recommend suitable changes in the plans prepared by Architect of Builders/Developer in interest of society’s Member and in accordance with approved tender condition so as to submit same to BMC Authorities.
2. You have to prepare list of amenities (The best that can be provided) to the existing Society’s Members.
3. You have to prepare D.T.P. get approved from society and then issue tender documents (2 parts) to approved Builders/Developer inviting bids /offer and then to evaluate the bids received and submit technical/financial report to the society and to get approval of Builder/Developer from society (In AGM) and issue Letter Of Intent and work order in time.
4. You have to check/verify all drawings prepared by Architect of Builder / Developers in accordance with tender conditions and in interest of society members and in accordance with BMC byelaws and keep a regular check on all formalities of BMC like I.O.D., CC, Further C.C., Part O.C., Full O.C., etc.
5. Strict supervision of Building constructed for Society Members in accordance with tender approval.
6. You have to keep strict vigil on work executed (either for society members or for area constructed for sale by Builder/Developer) to ensure that no violation of any law /Byelaws are done by Builder/Developers.
(B) YOUR PROFESSIONAL FEES AS A Redevelopment Project Management Consultants (Redevelopment PMC)
Your professional fees shall be 000% (zero zero Per cent only) of the contract value of works executed PLUS 10.2% of the total fees payable towards Service Tax Payable to the Government or the service tax as applicable as the time of release of payment.
Contract Value – Built up Area/Construction area – constructed for Society Members only @ Rs. 000 (Rupees zero Hundred only) per square feet.
The said professional fees shall be payable as follows : –
I After issuing appointment letter and acceptance
II Inspect the site and documents and preparation of viability report as mentioned in Point No.(1) & (2)/ Pre-tendering Stage.
Ascertaining of detail plane table survey in order to work out the area of entire plot preciously and
III(a) Ascertaining measurement of each flat and finalizing the carpet area of each member.
Listing down the requirement of each member and
co-ordinating with the design architect for the final drawings
III(b) Preparation and submission of draft tender papers
as per the requirement of the Society for inviting the tenders from Developers and getting approval of society.
IV After approval of D.T.P. Making required number of copies of tender documents for sale to approved Builder/ Developers. Organizing the pre-bid conference, preparing draft replies to queries raised in the pre-bid conference and preparing at the draft minutes of
pre-bid conference.
V Scrutiny and evaluating all the tenders received and giving recommendations to the society, for selection of
the builder /developer, for execution of work and also assist in carrying out negotiations with developers.
VI Preparation of various contract documents required for the execution of Agreement between Developer and Society
Drafting Letter of Intent based on terms negotiated with the selected Builder/Developer.
Assisting the society in selecting upon Solicitors/legal consultants and Tax consultants and finally selecting the same.
Approving the agreements between the society and builders/developer and also the society members and builders/developers.
Approving the plans prepared by the developer
keeping in mind the interest of the society.
Finalizing the Layout of the entire plot in consultation with the Building Development
VII Detailed scrutiny of Municipal drawing which is to be submitted to the corporation by developer and scrutiny of approval given by corporation.
Ascertaining Submission layout proposed and its approval.
Ascertaining layout approval
Ascertaining Submission Building files.
Ascertaining Obtaining of I.O.D.
VIII Detailed scrutiny of Architectural drawings working drawings or layouts, building unit design and all other related works to the level of requirement submitted by the developer and its
Ascertaining various compliance and obtaining O.C.
IX Scrutiny of Structural designs and calculations submitted by Developer as per relevant I.S. Code Norms.
X Checking the Foundation layout at the site and after verification giving work approvals to execute the work.
XI Complete day to day supervisions of contracted buildings, land development works, infrastructure
work etc., ensuring quality control in all stages of construction, stages approvals viz. approval at
materials, usages thereof in proper proportion and workmanship at all stages of execution of individual items of work. Monitoring and controlling the progress by using modern methods ensuring proper quality control of works and maintaining proper records.
XI(A) Completion of RCC Works (Serial No XI (A)(1) to XI (A)(7) to be amended depending upon no. of floors to be constructed.
XI(A)(1) Construction of plinth or column above ground – 3%
XI(A)(2) R.C.C. work up to 1st & 2nd Slab – 3%
XI(A)(3) R.C.C. work up to 3rd & 4th Slab – 3%
XI(A)(4) R.C.C. work up to 5th & 6th Slab – 3%
XI(A)(5) R.C.C. work up to 7th & 8th Slab – 3%
XI(A)(6) R.C.C. work up to 9th & 10th Slab – 3%
XI(A)(7) R.C.C. work up to 11th & 12th Slab – 3%
XI(A)(8) Construction of U/G water tank – 3%
XI(A)(9) Construction of O/H water tank – 3%
XI(A)(10) Staircase and machine room at terrace level
including parapet for stair case, balcony and
terrace – 3 %
XI(B) External masonry

XI(C) Internal masonry with erection of door frames
XI (D) Internal Neeru Plaster
XI (E) External sand face plaster

XI (F) Flooring and staircase steps

XI (G) Kitchen platform and toilet tiling
XI (H) Drainage and external plumbing

XI (I) Internal plumbing

XI (J) P.O.P. and internal painting

XI (K) Making and fixing door shutters & Aluminium windows
XI (L) Electrical work

XI (M) Compound wall with gate and concrete pavement and watchman cabin
XI (N) External Painting

XII Following the matter of occupation with Developer, attend to the Certificates of occupation by the corporation and / or from any other Authority concerned whenever required.
Ascertaining of Obtaining O.C.C.

Ascertaining of Obtaining permanent water connection and water supply meter fixing
XIII Verification of ‘As- built’ drawings for the buildings and services and certification thereof. The drawings would be prepared and furnished by developer. These drawings after verification shall be submitted to the society. After the completion of project, submission of completion plans and detailed resume of the project with certificates.
Cleaning site and handing over possession (Any work to complete in the building)
1. All official payments required to be made to the various Municipal/Govt. departments shall be borne by society and the same shall be paid within 10 days from the demand day.
2. All Undertakings, affidavits, Indemnity Bonds etc. shall be given to you promptly as and when demanded.
3. During the actual construction stage we shall have to pay your company a fixed remuneration of Rs. 21,000/- (Rupees Twenty One Thousand Only) and the same shall be adjusted from the total fees payable as per the schedule given above.
4. The above fees is for providing Redevelopment Project Management Consultants (Redevelopment PMC) Services and does not include the services for preparing municipal drawings, working drawings, etc, structural designs, obtaining various permission from statutory department, etc.
5. During discussion on 14th October 200- (With reference to Item No.5 of offer terms & conditions – P 6/6), you had agreed to give your name as Architect to B.M.C. on behalf of Society without any additional charge/cost to the society.
6. In case, in any event, due to unforeseen circumstances, the project does not materialize then, in that case, maximum fee that you shall be restricted to the item executed and fees mentioned against each item and no other claim will be levied on society.
7. Your Professional fees shall be cleared within 15 days from the date of submission of your Bills to our office.
8. As recently discussed on 28th December, 200-, you have intimated that construction period considered for fee structure as 30 (thirty) months from date of actual start work and beyond thirty months you should be compensated if construction continues. In response, the Managing Committee, in meeting held on 28th December, 2004, has decided that suitable compensation will be paid by the society, in case supervision for construction work continues beyond 30 (Thirty) months.

Redevelopment Steps Rules Mumbai. FAQs

If your society is looking for professional help for Redevelopment please free to email:contact@redevelopmentpmc.com or +91 98335 45366

P.P. What is the future for the redevelopment of co-operative housing societies?

A.S. The future of redevelopment in Mumbai city is very bright since there are constraints on the availability of open land within the city and suburban limits coupled with fast growing demand for houses and shortage of housing stock. Besides there are no. of other reasons.

There are thousands of buildings which are in bad shape and dilapidated due to their age, atmospheric wear and tear and other reasons. They have reached a stage where it is not possible to carry out structural repairs and rehabilitation as the same are not economically viable and may not be guaranteed for more extended service life.
Redevelopment of such old building has become a necessity since many buildings collapse each year, killing or injuring no.
of people.

The other reason being the requirement of an extra space by the society members due to increase in the no. of family members.

Also the Government has allowed incentive FSI for carrying out redevelopment schemes in the city as well as in suburbs.

P.P. Does the process take too much time?

A.S. The redevelopment process takes time which includes the following Stages.

1 Consent of society members
2 Extending EOI (Expression of Interest) by society
3 Furnishing documents to developer
4 Addressing society problems
5 Appointing consultants
6 Tendering/ short listing
7 Selection of best option
8 Extending LOI( Letter of Intent)
9 Deal structuring
10 Municipal approvals
11 Execution of DA & POA
12 Shifting to Alternate accommodation
13 Demolition & re-construction
14 Granting possession
15 Admission of new purchaser as the members of Society
16 Final handing over to the society.

Since The redevelopment work is of common interest, it requires the major decisions to be taken by the society with the consent of general body. Necessary resolutions should be approved in the general body meetings.

Recently the government of Maharashtra has issued specific guidelines to streamline the process of redevelopment so that the problems in the redevelopment can be eliminated at the initial stage resulting in the reduction of the time required for the redevelopment process.

P.P. What are the remedies with society if a builder does not keep up the promise?

A.S. The society should hire a professional and competent advocate, should be careful in drafting the redevelopment agreement and should not leave the same to the developer. The terms and conditions of the agreement should legally and practically take care of the in terests of the society and each of its members, and should ensure that a default by the other party is unfavourable to him only.
While drafting, one needs to visualise every possible setback and should provide answers and remedies against possible eventualities so that the builder’s interest in completing the project continues till the end.

The bank guarantee should be drafted simultaneously, along with the redevelopment agreement. The draft of the bank guarantee should be simple and not tied up with conditions. it should state that except calamities like floods, earthquakes or a war, the reconstruction will be completed in the specific time, or at the very least, within the grace period.
Failing this, the guarantee would be invocable. The society should take PDC for the future rent and compensation at the time of vacating.

To ensure that the builder completes the reconstruction project, he should be permitted to give possession of his sell portion only after offering possession to the existing flat owners.

The development agreement should be properly stamped and registered as an unstamped and unregistered document is not enforceable in law. Every detail pertaining to the construction specifications, construction and material, amenities should be specified in the redevelopment pact. Anything that is vague will work against the interest of society members. The DA should have a provision of arbitration.

TDR should be loaded in the name of society before vacating of the premises but after execution of the development agreement and consent of all members in respect of the development agreement and the proposed plans. It is one of the steps to safeguard interests of the society. Stamp duty provisions relating to TDR transactions need to be complied with.

The society should appoint an architect or engineer for the verification of their carpet area and supervise the quality of construction, amenities promised by developer of the proposed building. The architect should physically verify the area once the typical floor slab is casted.

The approved plans should be submitted to the society within specific period after approval and to the architect to verify periodically that the construction activities are carried out as per the approved plans.

P.P. What are the advantages of Redevelopment?

A.S. There are many advantages. for various bodies. For people, for government and for the local Municipal Corporations as well.

The advantages for the developers are that, There is no huge investment regarding the TDR of such properties unlike new plot development, these projects are always with clear title.

Though the time frame for the agreement procedure from the occupants or society members is more and the matter also requires frequent dealings with lawyers and court etc., the investment for such projects happens to be much lesser.

The society gets, Better standard of living and Latest amenities for the members.

Better level of infrastructure and services like, New better construction and elevation Grand Entrance Lobby and Lifts of reputed make Better Productive Plan for the New Flats More open spaces along with recreational facilities Separate Society Office / separate Toilets available for servants Provision for Seismic design for the building with Fire fighting systems, Health Club and Gymnasium with Ample Car Parking.

The other advantages being Generation of corpus for society, Increase in flat value ­ More saleable value of the flat for the same carpet area as of the existing building since the structure is new with provision of modern amenities and improved life style.

Maintenance of inherent features of existing project, No obstruction of the view, proper air ventilation catered in layout, Natural light catered in planning, Privacy of the building is maintained and a stand-by generator facility.

Since all the redevelopments are providing either basements or podiums or stilts for parking the vehicles of the occupants, the traffic blockages due to vehicle parking on the road can be less thereby assuring better conditions for the traffic and lesser problems for the Municipal corporation and the other departments related.

Due to redevelopments Govt. gets benefited with additional new taxes.

P.P. What best offers normally societies expect from a developer?

A.S. Society expects one additional room per flat.

Compensation, so that the additional maintenance and the normal furniture expenses are covered.

Reimburse ment of expenses necessary for the alternate accommodation till the new flats are handed over.

Modern amenities and quality construction with Parking facility and Modern elevation and Better usable planning.

P.P. If Society does not have conveyance or any other relevant documents, what are the remedies?

A.S. Though the government is drafting the procedure for deemed Conveyance, the society should appoint / hire Professional competent Advocate having expertise in Conveyance Cases for legal solution.

The following property documents can be obtained from respective departments Property Card and CTS Plan from city survey office Old Building approved Plans and other permissions from BMC office Property tax paid From BMC’s Assessment Department. ULC order from Collector’s office Non-Agricultural Order and N.A. Tax Paid Receipt from Collector’s office DP / TP remarks from respective departments Registration receipt, Stamp duty paid proof from the Registrar’s office Registered conveyance / Index II from the Registrar’s office Search report from an Advocate And Title Clearance Certificate about the property by an Advocate.

For Redevelopment Rules in Mumbai please feel free to call us +91 98335 45366

Redevelopment of Society

Collect the details and required documents from the society  define details and list down required documents for each categories

Make a feasibility report ( Use a Redevelopment Project Management Consultant)

LOI (letter of Interest) is given to society.

Make format of the same with various options Further details are asked like Legal etc.

Once Developer is satisfied an offer is given to the society & Negotiation take place.

Architectural presentations are given and sites visit arranged.
Further procedure is as follows:

Ø Society resolution deciding redevelopment of the Society and further accepting the developer or its subsidiary Company to be the Developer.
draft resolution if available

Ø The signing of the Development agreement, the Power Of Attorney and the letter of Consent by each of the member in favour of the Developer / subsidiary company.

Ø Plans will be submitted by the developer to the members and signatures obtained on them after members ascertaining their carpet areas. Both signatories’ developer and members to sign and freezing of plans.

Ø 1st installment of Corpus/Hardship Compensation (termed ‘hardship’ to avoid capital gain tax) to be released as per offer, normally on the execution of the registered documents.

Ø Passing of plans from MCGM, paying of relevant premiums and requisite fees to obtain IOD.

Ø 1st installment for alternate accommodation and notice to vacate, where required.

Ø Signing of tri partite ownership flat agreement between. Members/society/developers and payment of Stamp Duty/Registration for additional area.

Ø Handing over of members flats to the developer for demolishing, where required.

Ø 2nd installment of Corpus / hardship compensation to be released on members vacating and handing over the possession of the flats for further demolition.

Ø Demolition of the building where required. for all above points upto this point make efficient timelines without budgeting inefficiency</ins>

Ø Obtaining Commencement Certificate after the demolition is completed.

Ø Beginning of construction.

Ø Payment of 2nd installment for Alternate Accommodation(as per offer)

Ø Completion of construction and handing over the ownership flat to members with all the amenities.

Ø Balance compensation.

Ø Admitting new members to the society.

Ø Balance compensation to the society to bring them in par with the existing members.

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