Check List for Deemed Conveyance

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Check List

Check-list for Deemed Conveyance Order – Annexure I


Available from Society:

  1. Society Registration Certificate
  2. List of Members
  3. Complete Copy of Agreement for Sale

From Members:

  1. Stamp Duty & Registration receipt of all the members
  2. Stamp Duty & Registration receipt of all the Re-sale flats
  3. Index II of all the agreements

From Developer / Land Owners:

  1. Development Agreement
  2. Death Certificate of owners of the land who have expired
  3. Partnership deed of the partners
  4. Partnership Deed Registration Proof
  5. Conveyance Agreement with the Builder
  6. Will, Probate Copy, in case the development agreement is signed by legal heirs.
  7. Land Agreement (with the earlier owner and Builder)

City Survey Office / Talati / Tashildar Office:

  1. 7/12 Extract
  2. Village Form No.6
  3. Property Card
  4. City Survey Map


Collector Office:

  1. N.A Order
  2. U.L.C Order
  3. N.A Tax paid Receipt


From Local Authority / BMC

  1. BMC approved Plan
  2. BMC (IOD)
  3. BMC (Commencement Certificate)
  4. BMC (Occupation Certificate)
  5. BMC (Building Completion Certificate)
  6. BMC (Property Tax Paid)
  7. Location Map

Reports From Professional:

  1. Survey Report – From Architect / Survey Engineer
  2. Search Report – From an Advocate
  3. Title Clearance Certificate about the property by an advocate


  1. ours is trust building ( ground plus one ) and we pay monthly rent or we are tenants (pagadi system) now the trust developing the same through an private developer and have entered into an agreement ( triparte agreement).

    now the developer is after us to vacate the rooms. the developer has already signed agreement of 50% tenants.

    i would like to know the procedure before signing the agreement, what documents should be taken from the developer, how to take shifting charges, whether bank guarantee is necessary, before signing the agreement should we take a proposal etc… and when to vacate the premises.

    please advice.


  2. Hi,

    We have a G+3 building in Andheri.
    The 10 flats in the building are on ownership mode and are part of the society, but the shops in the building were on a pagdi with the builder. The builder is no more and one of his heirs stays in the building as a member.
    We want to go for redevelopment and hence need deemed conveyance too.
    Kindly let me know the process and the documents needed.


  3. Dear Sir, Madam,
    I am staying in Mumbai. We are going in redevelopment process for our society. There is 3 wings (ABC) but in our society there are 3 bldg and each bldgs have 3 wings (ABC) different society members. There is one builder’s who is ready to take a project of two bldgs, one bldg he won’t get any profit so he is not interested in it. Our project get stuck coz that bldg, they are not providing us noc for redevelopment. Our bldg conditions are becoming worst. Is there any other way we can starts our redevelopment process they can’t stop our redevelopment process in between..
    Please let me know, I will wait your positive response.
    Manohar sharma.

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