Documents required for Redevelopment of society

Documents required for Redevelopment of society

Legal Documents required for redevelopment of society :

1)      Conveyance :
Society needs to obtain conveyance in the name of the society , if builder/land owner not willing to provide conveyance , follow the deemed conveyance route

2)      Property Card (PR Card):
Property card should reflect the ownership in society name , if it doesn’t reflect even after obtaining conveyance please visit your city survey office of your ward and get it corrected

3)      Obtain Fresh Property Card (PR Card):
Get the latest PR card duly certified from your city survey officer with plot area in figures and words.
Note                              : PR Card is valid only for a year
Property Card Offices :

4)      City Survey Plan :
Obtain the latest City Survey Plan of the property from your City Survey Office

5)      Renewal of Lease :
In case your lease if over or to get over soon when the plot is lease hold , get the lease renewed

Technical Documents required for redevelopment of society :

1)      OLD BMC plan of existing building :
Check your society records if you have an the old BMC of your existing structure which your developer would have submitted at the time of construction

This will help you ascertain the carpet area of your existing members
If your society doesn’t have the document’s visit your BMC office ask them to search through the records

2)      Physical Survey of plot and flats :
If there is dispute in terms of carpet area and plot size , please get the plot surveyed and flat measured through a licenced surveyor

3)      DP Remarks :
Obtain the fresh DP remarks of your plot from your local BMC

4)      Structural Audit :
Obtain a fresh structural report of your existing structure to ascertain the durability and longevity and carry out the required repairs and restorations as suggested by your structural consultants

Note : DO IT TODAY and NOW , don’t risk the life of yours and society member’s


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