Deemed Conveyance

Procedure for Deemed Conveyance

Flat Owners/ Apartment Owners to apply with documents & prescribed fees/ Court fees

Competent Authority to verify Documents from his officials or the Authorized officer and obtain the report to that effect.

Enquiries if any will be conducted and spot visit will be done by officials of Competent Authority or his authorized officer and admit the application for conveyance.

Competent Authority will issue Notice to Promoter/ Opponent and other interested parties on the said land and building.

Hearing to be conducted by Competent Authority.

Submission of Written Arguments by the opponents/ Builder / Land Owner and other interested parties.

The Competent Authority may direct the Opponent to produce certain Documents in support of the statements made by the Builder / opponent based on the arguments of the applicant.

To hear the other parties  on the documents produced by the  party as per the directions of the Competent Authority and to decide on the same by the competent authority based on written submission and the oral arguments made by all the parties.

Public Notice will be Issued as per the Order of competent Authority in two local News papers of which one shall be in Marathi at the cost and expense to be incurred by the applicant at the cost of Builders/ opponent.

Relevant Documents which are required by the Competent Authority to ascertain the authenticity of the Application and to arrive at the Final Decision about granting the conveyance shall be obtained by the Competent Authority through authorized officer at the cost and expense of the Society.

Vetting of Draft conveyance deed from the authorized officer appointed by the Competent authority.  Get Professionals to Draft the Conveyance Deed.

To admit any person as intervening party in response to Public Notice or who claim to interested parties against the application and decide about the same by the competent authority

Interested party to file its say and also deliver a copy to the applicant and all other parties made in the application.

Receive the written reply from the Applicant and other opponents based on the submission made by the interested party in response to Public Notice.

Oral Arguments of the applicant, Opponents and the interested parties on the submissions made by each of them and to submit the necessary documents in support of their arguments.

Speaking Order and Certificate of Deemed Conveyance to be Issued by Competent Authority or speaking order for rejecting the application.

Competent Authority to Appoint and Authorized officer to execute the Conveyance deed and register and admit the execution before the sub-registrar of assurance at the time of registration of the same.

Deemed Conveyance order shall be passed or Application for the same to be rejected within a period 6 months from the date of receipt of application by the competent authority subject to receipt of relevant documents.




  1. 2 of our society member are not paid stamp duty ,so we are not getting Deemed Conveyance ,is there any by law to make them to pay stamp duty

    1. It is mandatory to have Stamp Duty paid to get conveyance
      suggestion :If they are short of funds maybe your society members can contribute and loan them some amount

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